The Past Presidents of The Portland Opera Guild are the fabric which has held our organization together for over 50 years.  This listing honors our leadership for their contributions to both The Guild and Portland Opera.


Mrs. E.S. Greenslet 1960-61
Mrs. James Sare 1961-65
Mrs. Siegfried Berthelsdorf 1965-67
Mrs. Arno Rademacher 1967-69
Mrs. Thomas Young 1969-71
Mrs. James M. Farmer 1971-73
Miss Dorothea Lensch 1973-75
Mrs. Harold E. Ranstad 1975-77
Mrs. Jack C. Horner 1977-79
Mrs. Louis Lang 1979-81
Mrs. Lawrence MacQueen 1981-83
Mrs. A. J. Colasurdo 1983-85
Mrs. Jeanne Buschbach 1985-87
P.O.G. BOARD 1987-88
Mrs. Siegfried Berthelsdorf 1988-90
Mrs. Richard Gearhart 1990-91
Mrs. Harold Ranstad 1991-93
Mrs. Gary R. McAdams 1993-95
Mrs. Richard Gearhart 1995-97
Mrs. Mary Svela 1997-99
Mrs. William W. Harsey 1999-2001
Mrs. A.J. Colasurdo 2001-2003
Mrs. Jutta Allen 2003-2008
Mrs. Lee Ann Carter 2008-2010
Mrs. Mary Svela 2010-2012
Mrs. Patricia Holloway 2012-2014