About the Portland Opera Guild

Founded in 1960 by a group dedicated to supporting the work opera in Portland and all of Oregon, Portland Opera Guild has evolved into an organization that generously supports the work of the association, and also has a portfolio of unique responsibilities and events which it managers for Guild membership.

From outstanding luncheons that explain the intricate details of each opera performance, to acting as volunteers in coordination with the Metropolitan Operation National Council Auditions, Portland Opera Guild blends social time and networking with many other meaningful educational and philanthropic programs. The Guild welcomes you to join its membership and experience the organization!

Executive Committee

  • President - Patricia Cavanaugh

  • Vice President & Treasurer - Carmela Parsons

  • Secretary - Jennis Taylor


  • Rodney Mazour - Past President

  • Edward Grubel - Asst. Treasurer

  • Jutta Allen - MONC Liaison

  • Cathleen Mazour - Care & Concern

  • Aiden Morrissey

  • Les Vuylsteke

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