February 2016 President’s Message

(from the February 2016 Coloratura)

Hello and most happy greetings to you all!

Again, I sit in amazement at how fast time is flying by and what a wonderful New Year we are having already!

In this early morning, I have had cause to reflect upon my history with the Portland Opera Guild and how blessed I am to have been able to play a small role in the success of this wonderful organization. Years ago, at a small gathering of friends, then Opera Guild President, Jutta Allen, asked me if I liked opera. At the time I was truly a novice of this beautiful art form and knew very little about it. On occasion, however, both Cathleen and I enjoyed listening to opera.

Jutta was kind enough to offer me an opportunity to join the Portland Opera Guild and promised that we would truly “love” being a part of the Opera World in Portland. Although Cathleen and I are still far from being experts, we love everything about the art form and remain committed to supporting its continuance and growth in the Portland area and beyond.

As I “dipped my toe” into the Portland Opera scene, I immediately found that this Portland Opera Guild is full of wonderful people who share our enjoyment of opera. Over the past years, our passion has grown to a level that is providing a rich legacy in our lives and we are privileged to call some wonderful people good friends.

I’m certain that we’ll continue to be surrounded by numerous friends and retain many of the associations we’ve made because of our involvement with The Portland Opera Guild.

Sincerely; and best regards to you all.

Rodney Mazour